CLUSE Watches and Jewellery

Since launching in 2013, CLUSE has become one of the fastest growing women’s watch brands, in over 20 markets around the world. CLUSE has built a strong community and highly relevant audience for its fashion timepieces using Facebook and Instagram to drive sales and interest, achieving sales of over 1 million watches in 2016 alone.

Today, over 250,000 millennial women comment, like and engage with the brand online each day, drawn by its minimalist fashion approach and subtle use of colours that reflects the modern millennial mentality of simplicity, focus and an appreciation of life’s small, but beautiful moments.

From product design, to communication, CLUSE is focused on and inspired by women. With an RRP of $149AUS its pricing connects with millennials aged 17 to 45, providing women around the world with statement pieces for everyday life rather than a watch kept in a box and is only taken out only on special occasions.