Acclaimed jewellery designer Kat Gee began Kagi in 2006 with a dream. Her dream was to create designer jewellery that was boldly feminine and unique, and allowed women the freedom to style it their own way.
'I believe, every woman is different and their jewellery choices are just as unique. Therefore Kagi can be worn in millions of different ways to suit whatever mood, or occasion. I consider Kagi to be a multi-tasker just like the women who wear it and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing women enjoying my designs.’

Kat was inspired by the bravery of her Grandma to follow her dreams and understood from an early age just how special jewellery can be:
'As a child I grew up hearing stories of how my Grandma hid a strand of pearls in her undergarments for three years in a concentration camp during World War II. These pearls, and my grandma survived the war and the pearls are still in my family today. They signify to me just how special jewellery can be and they, as well as this story hold a special place in my heart.'  

Kagi has grown from the humble beginnings of Kat working at home creating bespoke pieces to now being proudly stocked in over 300 outlets across Australasia and loved by women worldwide. The Kagi story and Kat’s dream now touches thousands of women across the globe. Kat and her passionate design team continuously travel the world in search of the world’s most stunning gemstones and pearls to blend into Kagi designs. No stone is left un-turned in the search for gemstone perfection and Kagi prides itself on high quality yet affordable designs.

Thank you for allowing us to share with you our story and our vision.
‘Every women has what it takes to be fabulous, and Kagi is about giving you the tools so you can do just that. So let your own style shine, as no-one does it better.’